Cab Door Numbers and Identifiers



Custom Cab Door Name and Number Decals, truck lettering

You can design, preview, and purchase your custom lettering decals right from this page.

1.In the TEXT box, type in your custom truck lettering such as your Company name precisely as you would like it to be cut. (If two lines, be sure to use the ENTER key to make the text in two lines.) Choose your font , color, etc from the options below. If you want to add a phone number, in a different lettering font, simply do each line of text separately, then let us know in the message sent with your order how to arrange them on one sheet for you (if all the same color). You can also contact us with that information.

2. Click on the PREVIEW button to see the custom name decal that you've created (in the box towards the bottom of this page).

3. Click on the CALCULATE COST button to see the cost and the total size of your decal lettering set (approximate). When you have designed exactly what you want, click the "Add to Cart" button to purchase. You may then return here to add some different text (unit number, etc)

4. Once you have the NAME and the NUMBERS in the shopping cart, be sure to choose a quantity of TWO of each, one set for each door.

5. For ARB numbers, on the order form in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section, please tell us if you want the numbers done VERTICALLY (each digit above the next) or HORIZONTALLY (normal line). Also tell use the total LENGTH of the space you have available, so we can make your 2" ARB numbers fit your space. (For ARB lettering size information, see our information page)For US DOT number decals, CA number stickers, VIN number lettering, we recommend using a 2" bold size lettering.

Type your TEXT (Co. Name or numbers) here

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Letter Size*
Font Color
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Cost $
Cab Color**
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Approx. Width*:
Text Alignment
*LETTER SIZE refers to the size of the CAPITAL LETTERS in the font. Lower case letters without ascenders or descenders will be roughly 1/2 the size of the capital letters. BEST OPTION is to make truck lettering numbers in 2" bold font.


A sample of your custom truck door lettering will be displayed here. You can change the text, font, color, etc., but need to hit PREVIEW and CALCULATE COST for each change. Size changes will not affect the display, but you will need to hit the CALCULATE COST button for sign changes to see the new approximate width of the text, as well as the revised price.

*Width can be off by as much as 25% for standard text, and may be up to 50% wider if your text is in all CAPITAL LETTERS, so if you have a special size that cannot be exceeded, please make a note of that in the COMMENTS section of the order form.

**Shows what the lettering will look like on your cab. The lettering does not have a colored background.